We here at flinkles would love to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. That is why we are introducing " The red Button".

Yes, "the red button" is a revolutionary invention that allows you, the shopper, to go directly to our web store.

I know what you are thinking, "What's the Catch?". Absolutely nothing! "the Red button transfers you, via the internet, to our web store like magic.

Once there you can view over 60 flavors of flavored sprinkles at your leisure, look at reviews, check out prices,and shop til your hearts content.

once a purchase has been made, your flavored sprinkles will arrive at your home, apartment, or place of business normally within 3 days.  So remember, just click on "the Red button" below.

enjoy the journey!

- The sprinkle sage

introducing "the blue button". yes we did it again, and are darn proud!

some nay sayers would question this move. Why fix that which is not broken? we like our red button! we hate change! can i get a witness!

we created "the blue button" for all those artsy people who believe "the red button" is past it's prime, and should be replaced.

we saw your tears, and your cries did not fall on deaf ears".

the blue button" is similar to "the red button" in every way except one. shocking as it may seem, that one difference is that "the blue button" takes you magically, via the internet, to our etsy store instead.

that's it....enjoy! 

- the sprinkle sage